About Us​

We are a full-service landscape architecture firm focused on ecologically-sensitive design that serves the people who use it. Our goal is to improve quality of life through connection with nature.

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urban courtyard interior

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We look forward to learning more about your project and how we can help.

We design for the people who use the space.​

Our Mission Statement

The most important driving force behind a design is how the design will function in the real world. What does that mean for our design process? We focus on what the users of the site will need and want when they are in the space. How do we want people to feel in the space? What should they see, feel, hear? What will they do when they are in the space?

This may sound obvious, but surprisingly, this is not the approach many projects take. Too often, things like utilities drive the design, leading to a finished product that’s less than ideal for the owner. This is especially true on commercial, institutional, and government projects. Why design a landscape that doesn’t make sense, requiring the owner to make do with it? Let’s not!

The site will be used for years to come, and the design should be centered on what makes most sense for how people will use it. We believe utilities should exist to serve the goals of the project, not the other way around. The design should be determined based on the goals of the project, and utilities should be designed to work with the design, not the other way around.