Landscape architectural design in Western North Carolina​

Improving quality of life through connection with nature.

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About Us​

We are a full-service landscape architecture firm focused on ecologically-sensitive design that serves the people who use it. Our goal is to improve quality of life through connection with nature.

Visioning Process​

We work with you to understand all the many facets of what you need from your landscape and how the design can provide for all

Designing a new landscape can be a big undertaking, and it’s important to get a handle on all of the projects goals before diving into creating drawings.

Bespoke Solutions​

Every site is different, and every client has their own wants and needs. Whether we’re creating a residential garden, a commercial space, or a municipal park, we approach each project with a fresh view to what the options can be.

Many projects include multiple concept sketches to explore different ways to achieve the project goals.

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Site Planning​

Master planning is an important step to make sure that all of the design elements will work together in the long run.​

Planting Design​

We work with you to design a planting scheme that works with the overall design and fits into the surrounding ecology.​

Hardscape Design​

From pavement to pergolas, the detailing of the site elements is an important part of bringing the project together as a whole.​

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