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Fitting a new house and garden into a wooded hillside landscape was the challenge with this project, and the garden was designed to offer the homeowners modern amenities while giving the new home a sense of grounded maturity in its setting. The entry court and pool terrace are shaped by ornamental plantings, while native Coast […]

Sometimes a “fence” doesn’t have to be a fence. Washington DC’s residential neighborhoods are dominated by rowhouses with front courtyards surrounded by fencing or a stone wall. This project approached the problem from a different angle. The client wanted to differentiate the space from the sidewalk, create a measure of privacy, provide planting space, and […]

  Some projects start out with great bones already in place. For this suburban property, time had taken its toll on what was once a lovely landscape design. Over the years, varying types of hardscape materials were used to create walkways, along with a terrace and deck. Several of the walkways were submerged beneath built-up […]

This courtyard began as a blank rectangle of concrete surrounded by chain link fence and inhabited by a pair of trash receptacles. The design creates a welcoming space using contemporary metal planters in shades of dark gray. The planters provide enclosure and mitigate the harsh microclimate of the south-facing brick facade. A wooden bench will […]